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An acting teacher of mine once said, “At best we teach people how to be more human.”  As an actor I could not agree more. Actors tell stories and stories teach us about life.  Acting has taught me some crucial life lessons and continues to do so. 


First off, I believe acting is a profession of service.  What I like about that is that it is not about me.  I use craft to assist me in telling the story of these characters so that I can share their humanity.  When I do that, I get to experience my own humanity at an even deeper level.  Doing that in front of people is not easy, but when it is done well, that my friends is truly a high experience.   


One of the greatest personal lessons acting has taught me is that I am enough.  People do not want to see me acting, they want to see me living.  Acting demands presence - I cannot rely on my mind to navigate me on stage or on set, therefore it demands that I let go and be in the moment.  Thus, acting teaches me about how to live my life. 


As an actor I get to experience what it’s like to be without the filter I use in every day life, to be completely open.  Again, it's not easy, but it can help people feel deeply, make connections, understand complexities and learn about themselves.



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April 16, 2017

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