HAMLET - Stratford-Upon-Avon - Horatio/Hamlet

In 2009, a good friend of mine gifted me the audiobook, King Lear. That was the beginning of my consumption, digestion and love affair with the Bard.  Fast forward a few years and I discover the educational series, Playing Shakespeare hosted by the legendary teacher, John Barton.  Fast forward a few more years and I am in London about to perform a sonnet for him (sonnet 20 to be exact).  I felt adrenaline unlike I had felt in a long time, because that was the moment when my dreams became my reality.  You see, a couple years before this I was in my UPS truck thinking, “Boy...that would be a dream come true.” And now, it was literally doing it.  A rouge troupe of fiercely talented actors from New York City, and myself, traveled to London and Stratford to perform Hamlet.  We worked with several master teachers along the way, included John Barton and Cicely Berry.  It was an experience I will NEVER forget.  

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April 16, 2017

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