TRUST - Self Reliant Productions - Father Randall

This was perhaps one of the most meaningful pieces of theater I’ve been involved in as an actor.  It was truly an honor to help Jim Hanson tell his story.  Because the play has it’s depths rooted in Jim's reality, I felt a deep sense of responsibility as an actor to honor the role and the play.  Many a performance, audience members would approach us, thanking us for our work, and that was so gratifying. 


A young man, Michael, becomes withdrawn and starts doing poorly at school. His father tries to figure out what’s going on while, about the same time, the family’s former priest becomes the president of a fictitious college. The link between those events becomes clear when it’s revealed that Michael is coming to terms with the fact that the now-even-more-powerful priest abused him for years.


"I was truly impressed by this work from a first-time playwright, a first-time director (actor Rich Remedios), and actors who were mostly unfamiliar to me. Trust is a powerful play telling an important story, tough to watch but worth the effort."




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April 16, 2017

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