CRIME & PUNISHMENT - Live Action Set - Razumikhin

This was pure fun for me as an actor. The play was interactive, which for me was a first.  Very different and very avant garde. We were performing right in the thick of it with audience members.  It brought the meaning of theater to a whole different level.  


"The interactive and immersive experience that is Crime and Punishment pushes the boundaries of what theater can be...You're not just watching the show, you're in it, you're part of it. This experience may not be for everyone, and you do have to push yourself outside of the theater seat comfort zone, but if you're willing to don a mask and stumble around in the dark for an hour with an open mind, you will be rewarded with a totally unique and all-comsuming experience."

    -Cherry and Spoon, April 12th, 2015


A twisted interpretation of the Dostoyevsky novel, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT blends physical theater, dance and design into an adventurous, immersive performance in the basement of The Soap Factory.  The creative direction of Noah Bremer, Tyler Olsen and Joanna Harmon leads a co-production between Live Action Set, Dangerous Productions, and The Soap Factory that brings together a team of over 40 artists, including some of the most innovative performers and designers in the Twin Cities. With two-dozen storylines unfolding simultaneously, the production is unique to every person who sees it




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